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Derek Dobies has aspirations which is his real reason for carpet bagging in Jackson

Lets look at the real Derek Dobies

Dobies was on John Dingell’s staff being paid $84,000 per year while he was in Jackson serving on the council. Derek is a political opportunist brought here by Marty Griffin. He thinks Jackson is easy pickings for starting his political career. Here is Derek in his “Inaugural Ball” pose Even his Facebook friends make silly comments reflecting his misguided ambitions. A real narcissist.

“Danielle I think your ready for the White House “

Derek Dobies Ambition Knows No Bounds For A Narcisstic Left Wing Operative

Chicago: Inducting 25 new Truman Political Partners

By Dave Solimini | 8.27.12 Vice President of Strategic Communications

Truman staff and community members from across the Midwest gathered in the Windy City on August 18th & 19th to welcome our newest class of Truman Partners. 25 rising political stars from Ohio, Michigan (Dobies face time in the middle), Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska and Missouri assembled for a challenging weekend of training, policy simulations and communications exercises designed to provide them with the key building blocks for national security leadership.

Classes and workshops included schools of thought in American national security debate and their underlying roots in political philosophy and values, an introduction to US Military operations, organization and culture taught by Veterans from the Truman community, the psychology of fear in politics, communications and messaging techniques for national security debates, and a policy simulation addressing Iran’s nuclear program.

We’re proud to welcome our newest class of Partners to the Truman community!

And the real Truman Project is a progressive leftist organization dedicated to do the lefts bidding irrespective of the security of America.

But before he can get to the White House he needs to take the 64th Michigan House seat in 2016. Why else would he live in a little house in the 64th house district and whose taxable value/SEV has fallen each year since he bought it. Lost 50% of the value he paid for it since 2009. The programs he supports are doing a great job of lowering property values in Jackson.

Update: Dobies girlfriend Danielle Dancey bought a nice home on S. Thompson and quietly put Derek on the deed. A much nicer place for someone aspiring to the 64th Michigan House.

We know its the 64th he wants, not preserving property values in Jackson.

Typical of someone who never produced anything, never held a real job and never had any real repsonsiblity in the real world.

On Dereks website votedobies.com, Derek states:

Meet Derek Dobies: As a son of two public school teachers, I have always had a fervent belief that education is the foundation of strong communities.

And on a campaign mailing on Septmber 4th, Derek states: My dad was an architect and taught me the values of careful planning, hard work and follow through, values I have put to work ........

So which was it Derek, a school teacher or an architect? Or perhaps a carpet bagger talking out of both ides of his mouth.

Just maybe the real values are spinning the truth for what ever immediate objective Derek seeks.

He has done nothing for Jackson. Send this carpet bagger packing!

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