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Laura Dwyer Schlecte Wants To Be Jackson's Mayor. Defeated, She Wants Her Old 4th Ward Seat Back. Sore Loser?

Lets Look At Her Record

    Some of the accomplishments Laura claims on her website include:

  • Lead the push to make Louis Glick & Washington loop two ways.
  • Where is the cost benefit analysis for this change? Hard facts Laura, not feel good comments. Where is the analysis supporting your position?

  • Crafted the new City of Jackson Ethics Ordinance
  • Designed to allow expulsion of members who do not tow the party line. Liberal Fascism hard at work in Jackson.

  • Worked with MDOT to get art on the Cooper St. bridge
  • Amazing. We would like to see who Laura worked with. Accoring to Paul C. Ajegba, an engineer with the Michigan Department of Transportation University Region, the I-94 corridor, including the bridges, needs to reflect the identity of the community. The idea is to maintain one theme along the corridor, which could include more advanced bridge designs which resemble one another, and other aesthetic features like etches in the structures or a common color. Laura has been involed according to an MDOT spokeman.

  • Facilitated Placemaking grant funds & projects
  • The only placemaking grant funds we are aware of are a $1000 donation from the Board of Realtors to paint artwork on the Mechanic St. overpass and another donation to anoter party to put banners up and down Mechanic St. Neither project came to fruitition.

  • Connected the Health Department and Community Wellness Grant to Loomis Park
  • This activity was spearheaded by Julie WeisBrod of the Jackosn County Health Department. Superfical activity for politcial recognition is a halmark of the Schlecte campaign.

  • Holds regular Community Conversations with citizens and will continue to do so as Mayor
  • Laura does indeed hold conversations then does what Burth and the majority coalition dictate. No to the illegal storm water fees: Laura says Yes. No to the garbage collection ordinance: Laura says Yes. No to wasting money on parks: Laura says Yes. No to demolitions, spend money on police: Laura says continue demolitions at the expense of the police department.

  • Working on activating the Amtrak station for community use
  • An unknown plan to spend more non-existant taxpayer dollars to "activate" the station for what? Spend more money on something no one needs.

  • Developed the Artsy Fartsy marketplace and other pop-up events around Jackson
  • This goes without saying. Who would name something like this Artsy Fartsy?

  • Created the Amazing Race to benefit the Fitness Council of Jackson
  • A serious accomplishment

  • Participated in the Walkable Community Coalition including the Mayor's Challenge
  • Meanwhile the streets are crumbling, the gutters flooded, the catch basins are clogged. But Laura wants a walkable community. How about a drivable community.

  • Member of Cradle-to-Career Council
  • Easy to volunteer for this and that. What did she contribute?

  • Organized the 2015 landlord Conference
  • Attended by 20 landlords and 30 city employees/politicos for the sole purpose of advancing Laura's political career.

Notice that none of Laura's efforts recognize or are directed at the hard realities facing Jackson. Where is the study committee on roads? Where is the study committee on resolving long term debt service? Where is the committee on resolving the under funded post employment benefit trusts?

Everything Laura is about is shallow and superficial. No thanks Laura.

Laura Schlecte wants to be our mayor. Her record leaves the impression that all we would see is more of the same or worse. Continued massive demolitions to drive out low to moderate income resident, dropping property values in most areas, concentration of city investments in the downtown core while neglecting the other areas of the city where the tax dollars come from and lastly, just a mouthpiece for Pat Burtch and his "agenda".

It appears that Laura has enlisted several members of the community to ride into office with her to facilitate her agenda. Melissa Morse, a beneficiary of a lavish rehabilitation loan from the city and Freddy Dancy another Schlecte supporter are running to assure Laura decisive control of the agenda to the detriment of the city. It is imperative that these three be defeated in November if they make it through the primary.

Well the latest news flash: Laura has filed to run for her old seat in the 4th Ward. I guess some folks don't learn. She suffered a smashing defeat in the mayoral race, beating on Eugene Hurd who was in jail. Schlecte could not even beat Wilson city wide losing 411 to 506. Schlecte barely took the 4th ward against Wilson. Hopefully voters are wise to her agenda. You would think after spending almost $9,000 on her run at the mayors office and losing, she might get a clue.

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